Hooray!!! Mr.sun finally came out to play today!!! Pardon the over excitement but after a week of the horrible and crappy weather we’ve been having, I’m just really happy with how beautiful today was… And on my day off too! Yeah! Hello sunshine!

Spent my time strolling by the waterfront on this lovely day and I thought I’d list down some things you can do by the waterfront on a beautiful day such as this.

1. Have lunch by the waterfront. Sit down by the side and gaze out into the waters while eating your wrap or sandwich or eat in one of the many restaurants nearby. Up to you.

2. Rent a kayak. I personally want to try this out some time!

3. Go rollerblading. Try not to lose your balance!

4. Ride a quadricycle with the fambam or with your group of friends.

5. Ride on a paddle boat. Ideal for you couples out there. Haha!

6. Read a book and enjoy the sun!

7. Eat yummy gelato. You can buy either in the Kafee Eis stall near the bridge or at Gelissimo which is the gelato shop near Te Papa. Take your pick. Both are good!

8. Go diving into the water. The waterfront has spots where you can dive into clear waters below. It’s still spring and still a bit cold but some people are already daring enough to do it!

9. Just go strolling around and people watch.

10. Take lovely photos of this lovely day! Haha!

Speaking of photos, here’s some of mine for today!


Wellington on a good day: Waterfront.❤️

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