30 Day Challenges 2018 · January

30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Seven Questions To Help You Get Started.

For 2018 my goal is to do one 30 day challenge for each month of the year. To start off, I am doing this 30 Day Gratitude Challenge in order to start my year right. I saw this particular challenge posted/shared on Pinterest (along with heaps of other 30 day challenges of different categories), and I found it to be perfect for the beginning of the year.

I have written my answers for each question of the day in private, but doing a weekly roundup to share the questions for the week along with my take on why each question is relevant in order to encourage others to practice gratitude awareness as well.

The original post and author for this challenge (all 30 questions) can be found here: http://www.mycupofcocoa.com/30-day-gratitude-challenge.

Writing down things that we are looking forward to will help shift our focus from any current negative thoughts to something that will make us feel more excited for the days to come. It will help get us get through the bad days because we know that better things will be coming.

The loving relationship we have with our families. The loyal friendship that we have with our friends. We have bonds with certain people because we have gone through some of the best or worst times (sometimes both) of our lives with them. We should appreciate the relationships that we have with the people in our lives. We wouldn’t have come so far in life on our own.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the pressures and stressors of our day to day lives that we end up taking for granted the things that make life worth living. We lash out on our partners when we come home from a very busy day at work. We forget to call our parents and ask them how they’re doing and cancel plans with our friends because we are too busy and too tired. “You don’t know what you’re missing until it is gone.” How many times have we heard this phrase? And it is very much true. We should be more mindful and thankful of the things and the people that contribute to our happiness so we do not end up with any regrets.

Not all of us can live the same lifestyles as the rich and the famous… In saying that, we still have a lot of material things that we enjoy from day to day that affords us some level of comfort. These can be things that may seem very basic and ordinary for most of us (like a big and comfortable bed to sleep in) but are in actual fact, things that some people are unable to enjoy. In a world that encourages happiness by buying the latest gadgets and getting into the latest fads, we should take some time to appreciate whatever it is we already have no matter how small and ordinary. Something that we might be taking for granted, may actually be something that would mean the world to someone else.

There are the good days… and then there are the not so good ones. It is hard to answer this question when we’re having a day wherein lots of crap get thrown our way and nothing seems to be going right. But as they say, “Everyday may not be good but there will always be something good in everyday.” We should practice on seeing the good, even if on some days we need to look a little harder.

The funny videos we see on Facebook. The stories we swap with our friends that make us laugh so hard our belly hurts. The random thoughts and memories we remember that makes us smile. These things trigger the realease of endorphins in our system which in turn makes us feel good and happy. Now who wouldn’t be thankful for that?

We are surrounded by all things beautiful… if we just take the time to look. Clear blue skies, warm sunshine, the calm pitter patter of rain, the warmth of a hug. Beauty is not exclusively found in things that are aesthetically pleasing or things that are grand… it can be found and felt in anything (even the smallest of things) that lights up our souls and makes us feel happy and alive. We should take time everyday to acknowledge the beauty that surrounds us and be grateful for the opportunity to experience each and every one of them.

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