Paediatric Nurse.🏥🌡Travel Blogger.💻👣Shutterbug.📸🏖🌇Food Lover.🍴🌮🍣🍺

Hi! My name is Roan. I’ve lived in the Philippines my whole life until just a few years back when better career opportunities made me decide to move abroad. 

It’s now been about three (going four) years and I now pretty much consider New Zealand as my second home. Before moving here, I knew almost nothing about New Zealand… and now, three years in.. I am absolutely loving this place. 

I mainly started this blog so that I can share to others how it has been living abroad and how beautiful this country is.. and so most of my posts here will be about those two things, although I’m planning to go on trips to other countries (or visit home) soon and so you’ll see posts about those here as well.😊

So join me on my little adventures as I explore the world little bits at a time.🌏✈️❤️


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