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New Zealand Chocolate Festival 2016 🍫❤️

Chocolate fountain. Chocolate tastings. Chocolate sculptures. Chocolate cooking demos and loads of different products made from the sinfully delicious treat a whole lot of people love!

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Sta. Fe Beach Club

These are some photos that I took while we were in the resort that we stayed in on a trip to Bantayan Island Cebu, Phillipines. It had been three long … Continue reading

August 14, 2016 · 4 Comments


  You see… I’ve always considered myself lucky… In fact, I kept on repeating that to myself almost every day while I was far away from home… But it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Sta. Fe Bantayan ❤️

Enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation! Down time for a few days on this beautiful island! Xoxo 💋❤️

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Wellington NZ: Red Rocks Reserve

“Maori folklore tells two stories relating to the color of these rocks. In one, Kupe – the famous Polynesian explorer – was gathering Paua ( large edible sea snails ) here when one clamped his hand. He bled and stained the rocks red. In the other story, the red is the blood of Kupe’s daughters. Fearing for their father’s safety on a long voyage, they gashed themselves in grief over his absence.”

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10 photos to sum up our Abel-Tasman experience.

Spending Christmas last year in this paradise was the BEST idea ever❤ Note: I would like to thank my friend Dorothy Sanchez for some of her photos that are posted … Continue reading

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Staglands Wildlife Reserve NZ

Deer running down the hill for feed time — Staglands Wildlife Reserve It was the Queen’s birthday long weekend and we ( me, my boyfriend and our close friend and … Continue reading

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Finding Inspiration

Have been feeling a bit stressed and worn down by everyday life as of late that on some days I feel like I’m just dragging myself along merely to exist. … Continue reading

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Beautiful Sunset: Wairarapa NZ ❤️

   Drove all the way to Wairarapa for the Balloon Festival event only to be disappointed as no hot air balloons could fly that night due to the strong winds.  … Continue reading

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Kapiti New Zealand: Raumati Beach 

    “This is my Carefree, This is my Freedom — This is MY HAPPY.” – Coco Ginger The combination of sun, sky, sand and salt water always makes me feel … Continue reading

January 31, 2016 · 2 Comments
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