Staglands Wildlife Reserve NZ


Deer running down the hill for feed time — Staglands Wildlife Reserve

It was the Queen’s birthday long weekend and we ( me, my boyfriend and our close friend and flatmate) were thinking up stuff to do as we had another friend who was visiting us from out of town. I had been to Staglands Wildlife Reserve before and had enjoyed the experience so I brought that up with them as they haven’t been there yet and they all agreed to check it out.

On the day that we went, it took us about an hour by car from Wellington CBD to get to the reserve and we had to pass through some really windy and narrow (and a bit risky in my opinion) roads to get there… but the drive was worth it.

We payed 20NZD each to enter the reserve and we also bought a bag of Animal food for 2.50NZD. For more details on pricing, click this link:

The lovely lady at the counter also gave us a map of the place before we went in so that it was easier to walk our way through the reserve.

The first spot on the map just behind the entrance way was the picnic area. Here we could already see some ducks, geese and peacocks just milling around. We fed the ducks and geese some food and then continued on our way.

P1000860  P1000856

We then passed by some swans — they reminded me of the Ugly Duckling story. There were also black swans in another section of the reserve but I was just not able to take any photos of them. They’re quite more mean too those black ones. Ha.


There is a section in the reserve where the Kune Kune pigs are. The big ones are inside an enclosure… but we found some baby kune kune pigs just walking around freely.

This is a photo of our friend with one of the baby pigs.


This one is a photo of me 2 years earlier with some baby kune kune pigs as well during my first visit to Staglands.


Another old photo of me at the stables 🙂


Across the barn area of the reserve is this beautiful view… ❤ The barn area is where people can have picnics and use the bbq during summer time.


Another highlight of Staglands is their trout pool which has both the brown and rainbow trouts.

The fishes here are HUGE!!!


Staglands also has different Aviaries spread out around the area where you can get to see birds of different kinds. Just like these ones at the bottom!




And then… there’s the SECRET GARDEN, which is one of my favorite spots here. It just feels a bit like you’re entering a different world when you’re in here.


There are some pretty cute bunnies in here too!


We also had a bit of fun in the Old Bush Settlement where you get to see and experience how people lived in the past.


This is me and the boyfriend playing around with some stuff :p


And at the end… is the croft and the deer park.


This little cow over here is a darling… cuddles up to you to get some food! Haha!


The deer were freely roaming around in the deer park. They were quite shy animals though and generally moved away when we tried get quite close.

Within the deer farm, we noticed that there was a little path where we can hike up the hill a little bit. We went up there to get a little bit closer to the deer who were up the hill and also to have a good view of the ground below just like the photo at the bottom!




Finding Inspiration


Have been feeling a bit stressed and worn down by everyday life as of late that on some days I feel like I’m just dragging myself along merely to exist. Looking at this photo seems to give me a bit of temporary peace and has made me reflect that I should be grateful for all that I have and for all that I am right at this very moment.

*Photo taken in Mt. Victoria, Wellington NZ

Wellington on a good day: Waterfront.❤️

Hooray!!! Mr.sun finally came out to play today!!! Pardon the over excitement but after a week of the horrible and crappy weather we’ve been having, I’m just really happy with how beautiful today was… And on my day off too! Yeah! Hello sunshine!

Spent my time strolling by the waterfront on this lovely day and I thought I’d list down some things you can do by the waterfront on a beautiful day such as this.

1. Have lunch by the waterfront. Sit down by the side and gaze out into the waters while eating your wrap or sandwich or eat in one of the many restaurants nearby. Up to you.

2. Rent a kayak. I personally want to try this out some time!

3. Go rollerblading. Try not to lose your balance!

4. Ride a quadricycle with the fambam or with your group of friends.

5. Ride on a paddle boat. Ideal for you couples out there. Haha!

6. Read a book and enjoy the sun!

7. Eat yummy gelato. You can buy either in the Kafee Eis stall near the bridge or at Gelissimo which is the gelato shop near Te Papa. Take your pick. Both are good!

8. Go diving into the water. The waterfront has spots where you can dive into clear waters below. It’s still spring and still a bit cold but some people are already daring enough to do it!

9. Just go strolling around and people watch.

10. Take lovely photos of this lovely day! Haha!

Speaking of photos, here’s some of mine for today!