2016 had it’s fair share of troubles… but all in all it has been very good and I am ending it by being grateful for all the wonderful things that has happened this year. Welcoming 2017 with a big smile and a hopeful (and brave) heart! Happy New Year everyone! The adventure continues.❤

New Year Camping!❤️

It’s been a hectic last few days of the year… Travelling down to Nelson for Christmas and now drove all the way up to New Plymouth to welcome the New Year! 

Long and proper posts on said trips when I settle back to my routine when I get back home. Just doing this post to say Happy New Year to everybody! Wishing all of us a great year ahead! Cheers! Xoxo ❤️


* New Year’s Eve camping feast! Ushering in the new year with a full belly and great company. Enjoy 2016 everyone! *