—- photo taken on a nice sunny day while on a roadtrip down New Zealand’s South Island.

A few days back, this photo came up in my Newsfeed when Facebook did it’s thing where it reminds you about certain ‘memories’ and how much time has exactly passed since you posted a particular photo. This one was captioned “We were just there together.. and that was enough.”

That was exactly how I felt two years ago when this photo was taken and uploaded. All just seemed right in the world while I was out exploring new places with two of my very close friends while we were on a five day roadtrip down south with this route: Christchurch-Lake Tekapo-Mt.Cook-Otago-Invercargill-Dunedin.

It was my very first time exploring the southern part of New Zealand and I was pretty amazed. The scenery was absolutely beautiful… and because I was with good company as well, that made the trip even more awesome.

The breathtaking places we visited… the long drives (with me mostly sleeping at the back and the two taking photos when I had my mouth open. Haha.)… the new friends I made along the way… the experience was trully wonderful and one that I will never forget.



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