If it doesn’t open… it’s not your door.

If it doesn't open...it's not your door.

Nothing is impossible or so you thought… until you find yourself in a situation where you don’t get the results you have desperately (and sometimes eagerly) been wishing for. A failed exam, a rejected job application, a promotion not granted, a relationship that does not progress further… when things like this happen, are you one to question? Or do you move forward?

I am a firm believer that things always happen for a reason… even if you don’t know or understand what the reason is at the time.

Yes you need to take life by the reigns and steer it towards the direction you want it too… and yes you need to put in the hard work because you reap what you sow… but there will always be things that no matter what you do, will never be something you can control.

Breathe. Let go. If things were meant to happen, they will happen. In saying this, I am not telling you to give up… only that you need to be PATIENT. Maybe it is not yet the right time. Maybe it is meant for someone else who needed it more than you do. Maybe it is a lesson.

“If it doesn’t open… it isn’t your door.”

But do not despair. There are other doors that will open for you — some you might not even have dreamed of opening yourself… until one day you find yourself further along the road, looking back, and finally understanding how all of it was meant to happen the way it did.


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