New Zealand

Bringing life back to a city: Christchurch NZ 🌍


— Spanish Mission Revival Style Buildings in New Regent Street refurbished post 2011 earthquake.

When we went to Christchurch (back in 2014), the city was still greatly recovering from the massive damage caused by the devastating earthquake that struck just three years prior (February 22, 2011 to be exact). Damaged buildings and a lot of empty lots could still be seen all around the CBD area.

Amidst the general feeling of gloom that can be felt while walking around the city, however, were fun and interesting things that showed that although this city was brought down to it’s knees, it was picking itself up again and starting to move on.

Local artists were painting murals on buildings, like the ones below, to help bring back some color and cheer.


Re:Start — a “mall” made from shipping containers,  offered a unique alternative for retailers to remain open and for people to shop.


These big green couch and chairs that serves as a Transitional Reading Room Parklet located in Gloucester Street.



Fancy a game of chess? You and a friend can play using this extra large chess set in the cathedral square.


The Transitional ‘Cardboard’ Cathedral put up as a temporary replacement for the damaged Christchurch cathedral, that symbolizes the resilience and ingenuity of Christchurch and it’s people.



The Chalice Sculpture still standing tall beside Christchurch Cathedral that was badly damaged during the quake.


To end this post, I have chosen a photo that may represent something more serious and somber (compared to the previous photos above), but it is something that is exceedingly significant and meaningful.

This is an artwork done by an artist  named Pete Majendie. These 185 white chairs are a tribute to the 185 people who lost their lives during the 2011 earthquake and the individuality of each chair paid tribute to the uniqueness of each person represented.


2 thoughts on “Bringing life back to a city: Christchurch NZ 🌍

  1. It is wonderful to see how people are giving their best to bring back the beauty of the city 😊 I know very well what an earthquake can cause as in Italy we always have! I am sure everything will be soon as good as before, if not even better 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same.😊 I think that as long as people continue to find something positive in the most trying of times.. everything will turn out for the better and it’s really inspiring to see people continue to be positive despite their bad experiences.
      P.S. love your blog! Will be visiting Italy this coming June! Very excited about that!!!😊😊😊


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