A Beautiful Friendship

rania-niamThis quote was taken from an article titled To the friends who still love us even if we don’t talk to them everyday written by Rania Niam in the Thought Catalog website.

A very dear friend of mine tagged me to the article on Facebook and I just felt this overwhelming emotional tug as I read the lines as it really conveys exactly how I feel towards my friends.

You see, I was one of those people who weren’t entirely blessed with a happy family… and I’m not saying this so that people will feel sorry for me, it’s just the truth.

Our family life wasn’t a very happy one. My parents no longer loved each other but stayed together for us kids. A decision, I know, they did out of their love for us and yet ironically the strain from that kind of set up affected us the most.

There was a lot of fighting, shouting, and hateful words in our home and that in turn made me a very sad and confused child and later on a frustrated rebellious teen.

With all the angst and drama at home… I found comfort and reprieve in my group of friends. I have always felt that even if I wasn’t lucky enough to be given a nice happy family, at least I was lucky enough to be given good friends to help me through the rough times. 

They were there for the little troubles and worries like school exams and boyfriend fights… and they were there for the really big ones like when my mother was diagnosed with cancer and when she passed away.

Ours was not a perfect friendship. We also had our differences and sometimes when life made us too tired and frustrated, we took it out on each other. There were also times when the problems of one seemed so big for our then younger selves that we didn’t know what words to say to give reassurance and comfort.

But I guess that’s just it… there wouldn’t have been any words to make things better anyway and so the one thing that we never failed to give each other (ourselves and our own company and time) was the best solace.

Distance may physically separate us and our busy schedules may sometimes get in the way that we no longer talk as much as we used to but I know that I will always be here for them and them for me.

We are all now going into our thirties. More than a decade has passed since our friendship started and there will be many more years to come. The passage of time will keep on going and there will be years of laughter, pain, frustrations and happiness ahead of us.

The times will continue to keep on changing and life will keep on throwing us curve balls as soon as we’re settled on our feet but despite all of this we will all be comforted by one thing that will forever remain unchanged… we will always have each other.

                    XoXo Roan




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