We May Want To Be Alone… But We’re Scared To Be Lonely. (1 minute read)

There are times when we choose to be alone. It provides us with a sense of comfort…  a form of solace from all the noise and chaos of the outside world.  When life demands a lot from us and societal pressures become a little too much, all we want to do is unplug and disconnect — be in our own little bubble where we wish nothing can reach us and we can just be… no pressures, no worries, no expectations.

But no man is an island… and no matter how much we crave our solitary time it is still within our human nature to crave a sense of connection with someone. It need not always be in a physical sense… we can all be fine and happy to be by our lonesome, but deep inside we still need to feel that somehow our existence matters to someone in this world.

We may have gotten so used to the feeling of dealing with things by ourselves… We may have built high walls around us and project that we don’t need anybody in order for us to avoid being hurt, but most of the time that’s just a façade we keep up and at the base level we still want someone to care.

We want this sense of security that we get from knowing that we matter to somebody, enough that they will be there for us when our walls come crashing down… when even our own selves cannot understand the jumble of thoughts in our minds…when our inner demons threaten to overwhelm us …

We need someone to pull us out from the darkness. We need someone to accept us when we feel like we can’t even accept ourselves. We need someone to help us put the broken pieces back together again.

So yes…we may want and choose to be alone… but we’re scared to be lonely.

We may want to be alone... but we're scared to be lonely.


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